I Got Filler To Treat My Neck Lines & Here’s What Happened

While the beauty of technology connects us with friends and loved ones, gives us the privilege of working from home, and the ability to discover funny as hell TikToks, there are many downsides. Recently, a common one is the premature aging or condition of your neck, better known as "tech neck," which may come in the form of pain and discomfort or more prominent lines and wrinkles.
Jessica, the star of Macro Beauty's newest episode, went to facial plastic surgeon Dr. Kay Durairaj to get filler for her tech neck lines. "I want to get tech neck filler because I have deep grooves around my neck that have been there since I was a teenager," Jessica says. "Getting filler would boost my confidence."
Dr. Durairaj has over 15 years of experience in facial aesthetics and says that the millennial generation is more prone to tech neck due to its phone use. "This generation is going to have the most tech neck issues because of the amount of time they're looking down at phones," she says. "Luckily, we have a good solution." To minimise Jessica's lines, Dr. Durairaj used Revanesse Versa hyaluronic acid filler. "Your skin is like a piece of paper," she explains. "The more you fold and crease it, the more those lines become permanent." Filler in the neck area could last Jessica up to a year and gradually reduce the appearance of lines.
Dr. Durairaj started the procedure by numbing her client with lidocaine at the injection site. Once the area was numbed, she proceeded with the filler. "One syringe per neck line is typically required," Dr. Durairaj says of the procedure. "The filler needs to be carefully placed to where it's visible enough to fill in the lines, but not too superficial where we see visible bands of filler along the neck."
After a few syringes and injections, Jessica's treatment was completed. Dr. Durairaj stressed that aftercare, including massaging the injection area and refraining from looking down at your phone, would be critical for optimal results. A few days after her treatment, Jessica gave an update on her results, and they were impressive. Click play to see her complete transformation.

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