Polish Women Will Go On Strike Over Proposed Abortion Ban

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Women in Poland will go on strike this Monday in protest against proposed changes to the nation's already very strict abortion laws.

As we first reported in April
, Polish law currently allow abortions within 25 weeks from conception, but only when the woman's life is in danger, the pregnancy results from criminally-proven rape or incest, or the foetus is "seriously malformed."

The proposed changes would remove most of these exceptions, only allowing an abortion when it is necessary to save a woman's life, effectively imposing a near-total ban on the procedure.

Tomorrow's strike encourages women to voice their disapproval for the proposed ban by taking part in a demonstration instead of going to work or completing their usual home-based tasks.

An advice leaflet translated into English urges women to show support in whatever way possible, advising, "If you have to be at work or at home: dress in black, take a picture and post it in social media using the hashtag #CzarnyProtest to show solidarity."

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According to the Krakow Post, official protests are planned in at least 60 Polish cities and 10 European capitals. The newspaper also reports that many Polish businesses may choose not to open on Monday in a show of support for the protest.

The Guardian recently reported that fewer than 1,000 legal abortions take place in Poland each year. However, between 80,000 and 190,000 Polish women are estimated to undergo the procedure each year, either by travelling abroad or by paying for an illegal "backstreet" abortion.

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