This Model Made History At The Olympics Opening Ceremony

Photo: LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Image
Shortly after Gisele Bündchen set a record for sashaying down the world's longest ever catwalk, another Brazilian-born model made history at Friday night's Olympics Opening Ceremony in Rio de Janeiro. As Huffington Post reports, Brazilian-born, Italian-raised model Lea T became the first trans woman to take on a role in an Olympics Opening Ceremony when she pedalled the bicycle that led the Brazilian team into the stadium. Though pre-ceremony rumours had suggested the model, whose full name is Leandra Medeiros Cerezo, could be joining Bündchen on that record-breaking catwalk, the fact that her eventual role was slightly smaller hardly diminishes the significance of her very visible participation. Speaking to the BBC before the Opening Ceremony, Lea T said her involvement would help send a message to the world. "Include everyone, no matter their gender, sexual orientation, race or religion. We are all human beings and we are part of society," is how she summarised that message. "Brazil is a vast country and all its diversity should be somehow represented in this event," added the model, who has featured in editorials for Vogue Paris, Love Magazine and Interview Magazine, and is also a muse to Givenchy's creative director Riccardo Tisci. After the ceremony, Lea T celebrated her achievement on Instagram by posting an inspiring picture of her pedalling into the Rio stadium.

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