How Micro-Needling Changed My Relationship With My Skin

Poking hundreds of teeny-tiny holes into your face might sound like a good way to cause skin problems, not cure them. But the overwhelmingly positive effects of micro-needling, sometimes also referred to as dermarolling, are proof that the technique isn’t half as scary as it sounds — provided it’s done correctly, of course. (At-home amateurs, beware: Make sure your model is no more than 0.5mm, and leave everything else to the professionals.)
The procedure, which involves using a paint roller-like tool covered in tiny needles to prick microscopic punctures in the epidermis, has seen a surge in popularity over the past couple of years, thanks to its two key benefits: One, it helps your serums and treatments absorb deeper into the skin, and two, it creates “micro-injuries” which signal the skin to go into repair mode, kickstarting collagen production and increasing blood flow. The result is brighter, plumper, healthier skin. As celebrity medical aesthetician and skin expert Kat Rudu says, “It’s non-invasive instant gratification,” with results generally seen within a week.
When our subject Lindsay went to see Rudu at her Venice, California, studio, she'd tried just about everything on the market to clear up her sensitive, finicky, acne-prone skin, to no avail. After years of insecurity, and feeling unable to even leave the house without makeup on, she decided she was ready to take the next step with an in-office procedure. Click the video above to get a close-up look at Lindsay's experience — and to see just how much has changed since Rudu worked her micro-needling magic on her.

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