This Velvet Bow Is Our New Favourite Christmas Party Look

modeled by Francine Zambelli.
Looking for a way to turn that pony you wear to the gym into something well, slightly more elegant? We've got just the ticket. It's a high ponytail, only teased up and finished off with a festive Christmas bow. Watch the video above for the full technique. Then try it for yourself using the steps below.
Step 1. Warm a dollop of styling cream between your palms, then rake through your strands back from your hairline.
Step 2. Distribute the cream from roots to ends with a mixed bristle brush.
Step 3. Gather hair into tight and high pony slightly off to the side, and secure with elastic. The brush can help you smooth any bumps.
Step 4. Grab a small section of hair from the length of your ponytail, mist it with hairspray, then conceal the elastic by wrapping it around the base. Tuck in a hair grip to secure.
Step 5. Tease the ponytail, then pull all the hair off to one side of head.
Step 8. With a floppy clip bow, pin the bottom few inches of the ponytail behind the top of your ear, leaving out the ends.

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