This Lazy-Girl Hair Trick Will Rock Your World

Photographed by Amelia Alpaugh.
Sometimes a beauty tip is so simple we can't believe it never occurred to us. Then, we feel simultaneously idiotic for not having discovered it earlier, and overly eager to get to work so we can share our genius idea with everyone. Such an ah-hah moment occurred this very morning.
Okay, sit down. This is huge. Are you ready? Wear a hair mask to the gym. RIGHT?
Think about it. Right now, everyone's hair is completely parched, frayed, and half-tangled by months of winter winds and woolen hats. All of us could use a weekly deep-conditioning treatment this month. But, while doing a hair mask is something we always plan to do, it almost never happens. It's one of those beauty treatments that require a little time and patience and, frankly, we need to save our time and patience for other things. (Like our interpersonal relationships and finally reading The Goldfinch.) Furthermore, there's nothing more irritating than working that dense, creamy mask into your hair and then not being able to sit or lean anywhere, lest you leave an incriminating grease stain behind. "What's that mark on the couch cushion?" your friends will ask. And, you will sigh, twirl your split ends, and rue the day you tried to have nice hair, for once.
But, the gym trick solves all these problems. Here's how it goes:
Step 1) Put on your gym clothes and brush out your dry hair.
Step 2) Apply mask and pull hair into your standard workout knot/messy bun/braid.
Step 3) Work it out, woman.
Step 4) Shower.
Step 5) Look at your hair!
No need to worry about the sit-lean-stain issue, because your workout probably doesn't involve a lot of leaning. (If it does, we might refer you to this idea). By the time you're done, your hair has had ample time to absorb the treatment and — bonus points — you just worked out! When you emerge from the shower it's with lush, soft hair and post-exercise glow, thanks to this dummy-proof multitasking.
Seriously. Hair mask at the gym. Do it.

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