I Got A Moody Grey Weave To Channel My Inner Witch

Instant gratification is an unrealistic expectation with most things in life, but when it comes to hair, wigs and weaves are arguably the quickest, easiest ways to experiment with your look. Just ask Sabrina Yates, the star of Hair Me Out's newest episode, who channeled her inner witch with tonal grey extensions.
"Growing up, we were told you wouldn't get a job if you're a Black woman who walks in with red hair, blue hair, or grey hair," Yates says. "So I've kind of actively gone against that." Yates, who currently rocks her naturally curly hair, hasn't been shy about experimenting with hairstyles. Before her Hair Me Out transformation, she dabbled in grey-toned box braids and a grey ombré dye job.
This time, Yates tapped Koni Bennet, professional stylist, and owner of Vanity Boutique Salon, for a customised closure weave. Bennet used the watercolour method to apply a custom grey formula on pre-lightened wefts to create the look. "The watercolour technique is where you heat water in a bowl with semi-permanent colour," Bennet explains. "Then you dip the hair in the bowl as many times as you desire until you achieve your colour of choice."
For Yates, Bennet mixed platinum and silver to create a stormy grey hue. Once Bennet completed the colour, she braided Yate's hair down into small cornrows so that her unit would sit as close to her scalp as possible. "A lot of people think that your hair should be tight or should hurt when you braid it down," Bennet says. "It should be the opposite."
After gently securing Yates' natural hair, Bennet sewed on a lace closure and the dyed wefts. "The closure will ensure that all of her hair is protected underneath and nothing is left out to be compromised," she says. The final results were bouncy grey curls fit for a (really cool) witch. Click play to see Yates' transformation IRL.

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