The Luxury Of 24 Carat Gold Skincare

It's no secret that we want our skincare to be an extension of our boujie lifestyles – just take a look at R29's at-home facial routines. But alongside luxe ingredients like silk and pure rosewater, we're seeing a huge surge in gold. Yep, pure solid gold.
Now, anything that Cleopatra was rumoured to use in her beauty routine is certainly welcome on our #shelfie. According to history textbooks, ancient Egyptians often used gold in their cosmetics so that their skin retained youthfulness. Called the 'flesh of the gods', the sought-after mineral was also highly regarded in ancient Greece and Japan for its supposed ability to heal inflammation, slow the ageing process, treat sun damage, boost collagen and lend pallid complexions a radiant glow.
Tradition aside, a handful of skin experts argue that the precious metal has antioxidant (take that, pollution) as well as anti-inflammatory properties, which means it could help alleviate redness. Whether it works a treat on skin or simply serves to make our skincare routines a little more luxe, all manner of skincare brands are jumping on the gold bandwagon, formulating everything from masks to moisturisers with the expensive stuff.
Click through for the best gold-infused products, all sure to give your skin the royal treatment.

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