The Body Scrub That Leaves You Feeling Like A True Glitter Sister

Never — not even in my wildest beauty dreams — did I ever think that body glitter would ever return to vogue.
You remember body glitter from the late noughties, right? Rollerballs and small tubs housing unidentifiable, clear liquid sprinkled with sharp glitter. Found at Claire's Accessories: in the small town shopping centres where every pre-teen beauty trend is born — and dies.
The very fads I longed to rock as a 13-year-old are back and hitting trend lists like a vengeful wildfire: hair bows, scrunchies, and crimped hair are crawling back — and they've brought body glitter with 'em.
But how we do work the trend without looking like a) our school disco-selves b) an over eager 'mermaid'? Easy. There's a body scrub for that.
Thanks to Australian body care brand Frank, you can shine with subtlety. It's newest innovation is a mystical upgrade of its best-selling coffee scrub — except this time it leaves you with a lot more than just baby-soft skin. Open up the holographic pouch to find a scrub texture that resembles (and smells like) damp sand.
Recommended use is business as usual: rub your body down in the shower with the gentle exfoliating treatment and rinse. But, the newest iteration of the popular scrub is infused with tiny pieces of glitter — as if a disco ball shattered itself inside the bag. So when you rinse off the scrub, step out of the shower, and take a peak in the mirror, your body will actually be glowing. Your skin will be softer, smoother, and more radiant thanks to the scrub's granule power, too.
Also, the more you rub on, the higher the concentration of glitter is left on your skin — and it doesn't transfer to your clothes. Glistening skin, sorted then.

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