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Uber to work with Facebook so you can order a ride from Messenger Get ready to accidentally invite your Uber driver round for dinner and presumptuously ask your mates to ferry you from A to B – because Uber and Facebook are teaming up to ensure that you can order a car right off the Facebook Messenger app. It’s part of Facebook’s upcoming plans to incorporate “native” e-commerce options into Messenger – merging your social life with the services you use on the regular. The partnership will mean that you can call a driver without leaving the FB app, and Uber will send your receipts to your chat history. Handy – but probably going to up our Uber bills. Read here.
A “Saharan Dust Cloud” is heading to the UK The Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs have warned that high levels of air pollution are to be expected across southern and central England, as dust from the Sahara heads to the UK on strong winds. Apparently the dust will fall to the ground in the form of rain that will resemble “blood”. The dust clouds could pose a threat to people with asthma or other lung conditions. Read here.
Pussy Riot plan to open a “women’s only” museum
The space, proposed to open in Montenegro with no set date, will be an arts space only showing work by female artists and shows curated purely by women. The goal, says Pussy Riot’s Maria Alyokhina, is to address gender inequality in the art world. Alyokhina told Artnet: "In the media, in public spaces—a lot of people are just scared to say what they really are thinking. Because if you do it, you are going to prison." Read here. Muslim Brotherhood are to be kept under review in UK David Cameron has today announced that, although the Muslim Brotherhood will not be banned in the UK, they will be kept under surveillance for links to extremism. The controversial political group played an important role in the Egyptian Revolution of 2011, but were asked to be put under review in Britain last year by UK allies such as Saudi Arabia. Read here.

Bieber tour sells out in Ireland in 8 minutes

The Ireland dates of Justin Bieber's forthcoming UK tour, "Purpose", scheduled for 2016, have sold out in 8 minutes, leaving fans angry and Twitter awash with cry emojis. The good news is, Bieber has been adding more dates to his tour to meet the demand – including a new date in Manchester. Read here. UK Government allow for fracking in protected areas of the UK MPs have voted in favour of fracking for shale gasses up to 1200 meters below national parks and areas across Norfolk and Suffolk. The decision marks a U-turn, considering the same bid was overwhelmingly rejected in January, but this time was passed 298 - 261. Former Green Party leader Caroline Lucas Tweeted: “Government successfully sneak through (without debate) change to allow #fracking under protected areas. Real shame 298 MPs voted for it.” Read here.

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