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Shaker Aamer refuses to sue over his Guantánamo detention The UK resident who was captive without charge at Guantánamo Bay for fourteen years insists that Tony Blair and Jack Straw knew he was being tortured, but insists he does "not want to prosecute anybody". Read more. Amazon pulls hoverboards from their site

Amazon have removed one of their best selling products a matter of weeks before Christmas after the machines reportedly burst into flames. The retailer has begun to demand proof from manufacturers that products meet safety standards and announced that “for the time being, we are not recommending any hoverboards until they are proven to be safe”. Read more.

Margaret Thatcher’s children enter into feud over the sale of her private possessions
The Mail On Sunday has reported that the former Prime Minister’s twin children – Carol and Sir Mark Thatcher – “cannot bear to be in the same room” as each other following Ms Thatcher’s decision to auction off hundreds of her late mother’s belongings. On 15 December, 183 of Thatcher’s treasured possessions will be auctioned, with a further 233 sold online on 16 December. Read more. Neurofen’s manufacturer forced to pull misleading medication from Australian shelves Drug company, Reckitt Benckiser was forced to pull certain types of Neurofen from Australian retailers after admitting products marketed for specific types of pain were actually identical. Read more. X Factor 2015 winner Louisa Johnson had it in the bag all along Statistics that traced the phone-voting patterns of the X Factor audience from the beginning of the series until the final show, prove that this year’s winner Louisa Johnson was always going to win. For the first three live shows, Louisa came top, losing the lead only in week five to Reggie 'N' Bollie but from week six onwards she was back on top. Read more.

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