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An investigation has been launched over "fat-shaming cards" on London tubes
Police have launched an investigation into the distribution of abusive cards on the London Underground that have been issued by a group calling themselves "Overweight Haters Ltd." A number of people reported seeing passengers being handed cards that read: “It’s really not glandular, it’s your gluttony,” from an organisation that “hates and resents fat people”. Read more.
Thai printer replaces front-page International New York Times article with blank space
The International New York Times has outed a local Thai printer for removing a front-page article on the country’s stagnant economy and replacing the story with a blank space. The South-East Asian country’s media freedoms are becoming increasingly curtailed by the governing military group Junga. Read more. David Cameron prepares for Syria air strikes
Jeremy Corbyn has offered Labour MPs a free vote on air strikes and if the vote is passed on Wednesday night, British bombers will begin launching attacks on Syrian targets within hours. Up to 100 Labour MPs are expected to defy Jeremy Corbyn in the vote, while Hilary Benn – the Labour Shadow Foreign Secretary – will speak out in favour of the air strikes. Corbyn has accused Cameron of a "rush to war". Read more.
Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe could be returned to jail
The serial killer, now aged 69, who murdered 13 women, and has been housed at the high-security Broadmoor Hospital in Berkshire since 1984, may now be moved to a "normal" prison. Doctors have declared Sutcliffe to be no longer suffering from mental illness. Read more.
Prince Harry tells reformed gang members in South Africa he "hated Eton"
The 31- year-old Prince has revealed that he “wanted to be the bad boy at school” as he visited a Cape Town youth centre that rehabilitates gang leaders. Cape Town has the worst gang problem in the country, with 12 principal street gangs, three prison gangs and a collection of smaller gangs with an overall membership of more than 100,000 people. Read more.

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