The New York Times Asked For Londoners' Petty Crime Stories & The Responses Were Wonderfully British

The New York Times got more than it bargained for on Thursday morning when it posted a Twitter callout to Londoners.
"Have you experienced a petty crime in London?," the tweet read, with a link to a short accompanying article. “A surge in violent crime,” writes a London-based reporter for the newspaper, has left the capital's Metropolitan Police “severely stretched” and "unable to pursue most suspects involved in minor property crimes".
Journalist Ceylan Yeginsu appealed for readers to share their experiences of "petty crime", to help the newspaper understand how the London police are responding. The paper probably wasn't prepared for almost 2,500 – largely sarcastic – replies it got. But we're British, after all, and they really should've seen it coming. Celebrities, journalists and members of the public all pounced on the opportunity to share their tales.
Others, meanwhile, seized the chance to take aim at the criminally high cost of living in the capital.
While others took issue with the many uncouth social interactions they'd had around the capital.
Good humour aside, it's true there's a crime problem in London – the number of killings in 2018 is the highest it has been for a decade and, as the NYT itself reports, just 4% of domestic burglaries were solved between April 2017 and April 2018, while the number of suspects caught for all crimes has halved to 9% over five years.
But the broadsheet has become known for missing the mark with its coverage of London and the UK and sometimes attracts ridicule. The paper misread the national mood when it described the UK "reeling" from terror attacks in Manchester and London. And again when it offered a "Brexit means Brexit" guided tour of London, giving US tourists the chance to "examine the historic implications of a historic vote". And who could forget the time it introduced readers to a sweet “large fluffy pancake” that was quite clearly a Yorkshire pudding dusted with icing sugar?