Women Are Sharing Advice For Their Younger Selves

photographed by alan labisch.
Whatever stage you're at in life, there's always room for improvement, whether that's by spending more quality time with family, starting a side hustle or simply getting more sleep. But it's hard enough balancing work with a social life in your 20s without having to strive to be #flawless as well.
So it's encouraging and heartening to glean nuggets of life advice from women who've made it out the other side of the tumultuous decade.
On Sunday, Professor Nyasha Junior (@NyashaJunior) posted a callout for life advice on Twitter and it's inspired women in their 40s to take stock of their lives and pass on their sagest wisdom to their twentysomething selves.
Women from all over the world responded to the callout and are sharing what they've learned in four decades of life. The advice is a healthy mix of the frivolous ("you're on your feet all day" so wear "better shoes", and "go on vacation and take cute pictures") and the more heartfelt ("be at peace with your past" and "learn to disassociate love from heartache and pain"), and it's largely applicable to anyone, regardless of gender, age or sexuality.
The self-help industry is flourishing – with manuals available about everything from mindful drinking and stopping smoking to overcoming mental health issues and streamlining your possessions – but life is short and there aren't enough hours in the day to get through them all.
So thanks to the fortysomething women of Twitter for these pearls of wisdom and insight. If you take nothing else from their words, at least think about listening to the countless women who recommended adding sunscreen to your skincare routine.

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