Is Over-Exposure To This Colour Light Affecting Your Sleep?

Photo: Oscar Wong / Getty Images.
Exposure to the colour cyan (essentially blue-green) on phone and computer screens affects our ability to sleep, according to new research.
Scientists from the Universities of Manchester and Basel found that study participants felt more alert when the cyan light on their digital devices was turned up.
When the cyan light on their devices was turned down, the participants felt sleepier.
The scientists have also developed a new type of visual display which allows users to regulate the amount of cyan light they're exposed to without affecting colour quality.
They believe this technology could be adapted for home digital devices and used to combat so-called "phone insomnia", where playing on our devices late at night prevents us from getting to sleep.
"This outcome is exciting because it tells us that regulating exposure to cyan light alone, without changing colour, can influence how sleepy we feel," said the study's co-leader, Professor Rob Lucas.
"Our study also shows how we can use that knowledge to provide a next generation of visual displays," Professor Lucas added. "Such displays could, for example, help phone obsessed teenagers to fall asleep, or support alertness in people who need to use a computer at night."
The study's co-leader Dr Annette Allen said that the new technology has a bonus effect of actually improving display quality.
"The new display design could actually have a wider benefit, as it seems that this technology also improves image appearance," she said. "Like adding salt to food, we aren’t necessarily aware that it’s been done, though we appreciate the effect."
Speaking to Refinery29 about insomnia recently, sleep expert Dr. Raj Dasgupta advised that taking a break from your phone is a good idea when you're having trouble getting shut-eye.
"There are other things you can do with that energy, and you only have a limited amount when you're sleep deprived," he said. "So, use your phone and computer sparingly, and try not to get wrapped up in whatever's happening on Twitter."

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