The Beer Ad Campaign Branded "Crass, Sexist, Misogynistic"

A South African craft beer company has caused outrage by rolling out an incredibly sexist branding and marketing campaign.
Johannesburg-based brewers Vale Bru attracted heavy criticism for launching beers named "Filthy Brunette"‚ "Easy Blonde"‚ "Ripe Redhead" and "Raven Porra".
According to the BBC, "Porra" is a disparaging way of referring to a Portuguese woman.
Vale Bru's social media campaign took this sexist branding to the next level. The "Filthy Brunette" beer was marketed with the tagline: "When gushing and moist are used to describe something, then you know."
The "Easy Blonde" beer was promoted with the misogynistic quip: "All your friends have already had her."
Sharing screen-grabs of the social media campaign on Instagram, craft beer blogger Thandi Guilherme called it "crass, sexist, misogynistic", and said Vale Bru should be "absolutely ashamed of yourselves".
The company's first apology - which according to the BBC has since been deleted - was almost as tone deaf as the campaign itself. "Our attempt at making you‚ and ourselves‚ uncomfortable‚ worked. However‚ we never meant to belittle or degrade you," Vale Bru wrote on Instagram. "If those keyboard crusaders want to carry on‚ feel free."
Vale Bru has since issued a second apology pledging to remove the sexist labels and branding "with immediate effect". The company has also promised to redesign "inclusive branding for our products that stays true to our brand but considers society at large".
"We were insensitive and wrong, for which we apologise unreservedly. We take full accountability for our actions and we plan on making things right," the company wrote on Facebook.
"Although this may sound like lip service, it was never our intention to offend or prejudice any person or industry. As fathers, brothers and husbands, casting aspersions on gender was never and will never be who we are at Vale."
Vale Bru has also invited women who called out the campaign's inherent sexism to "meet and discuss a more rewarding outcome which garners positive sentiment, rather than divisive dissonance".
"The beer is on us if you agree to meet," the company added.
How many women will take them up on the offer remains to be seen.

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