Jameela Jamil’s Body-Positive Instagram Makes Us Love Her Even More

Photo: VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images.
Jameela Jamil can do no wrong. Fans already love her portrayal of the transparently “virtuous” Tahani Al-Jami on NBC's The Good Place, but the actress isn't stopping there to win our hearts. She recently launched an Instagram account celebrating body positivity — and we can't get enough of it.
As Glamour writes, Jamil's relationship with body positivity hasn't started with the launch of this new Instagram account. Back in February, she started a Twitter thread on society's unhealthy obsession with policing women's weight that really struck a chord with followers and went viral. She even shared the same story on her Instagram story, where she included the same images and wrote: "Who gives a F-CK what weight you are? What is this toxic bullshit?"
From there, Jamil continued to make space on her personal social media accounts for body positivity awareness. She later shared a picture of herself, writing: "I weigh: Lovely relationship. Great friends. I laugh every day. I love my job. I make an honest living. I'm financially independent. I speak out for women's rights. I like my bingo wings. I like myself in spite of EVERYTHING I've been taught by the media to hate myself about."
Inspired by her posts, other followers began to write their own "I Weigh" posts to social media. And now, the growing "I Weigh" community has a place to grow and communicate with each other, with the official "I Weigh" Instagram account, which Jamil kickstarted two days ago.
On the account, Jamil shares submissions by others, where many use photos and text to share stories about how they "weigh" their self-worth beyond societal expectations of how they should (i.e., a scale). “I Weigh” highlights posts from people from varied backgrounds, genders, and experiences, making it even more entrancing.
All of this amazing community building has us asking one very important question: Is there anything that Jameela Jamil can't do?

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