The Best Reactions To The Snow On Social Media Right Now

People are going nuts for the snow which fell over much of the UK yesterday, last night, and is continuing to descend today.
The 'Beast from the East' sure is making the country look pretty – as the many, many photos and videos on social media attest, but it's also causing a fair bit of disruption, with schools closed, trains delayed and flights cancelled.
The UK is going through what is predicted to be the coldest week in half a decade, with the mercury dropping to as low as -11.7C in South Farnborough, Hampshire last night. We haven't even seen the worst of it either, with storm 'Emma' forecast to hit tomorrow, bringing with it freezing rain, even more snow and a temperature of -15C in parts of the country.
In spite of all the warnings and inconvenience, people kept calm and carried on in typical British fashion. Plus, it's been a good excuse to don our snow boots.
Commuters ensured they were well prepared for their journeys and extra precautions were taken up and down the land.
But many were clearly pining for warmer climes.
The reaction was widely recognised as disproportionate in many parts of the country, as it is every year. 'Snowverreacting' has become a national tradition.
Other responses were enough to warm the cockles of our hearts – and we'll take all the warmth we can get right now.
A final thought; the snow makes it even harder for people sleeping rough. If you're concerned about someone, let StreetLink know.
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