The Best Valentine's Day Gifts For Every Stage Of The Relationship

You hate Valentine's Day, we know, we know. It's commercialised bullshit perpetuated by Hallmark and Godiva and 1-800-Flowers and it puts too much pressure on everyone and you don't need a fake holiday to show your love. Got it.
But guess what? This is the world we live in and playing along just makes things move more smoothly. If you have a person in your life who regularly gets naked around you, it's nice to go to a restaurant with them, raise a glass to love, and give them a present on the 14th. If you have a friend or roommate or family member you care about it, it's thoughtful to acknowledge them, too.
Because what you put out, you get back — and after you get back a few chocolate-covered strawberries and massage certificates in return, we have a feeling you're going to change your tune about this stupid day.
Ahead, an easy guide to gifting based on the particulars of your relationship status. You got this.

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