Could This New At-Home Light Therapy Treatment Combat Your Acne?

It's the penultimate week of December, which means your skin has most likely suffered thanks to harsh central heating, one too many late nights, one too many glasses of cava or one too many pigs in blankets, and the year and festive cheer aren't even over yet. So if you're desperately searching for a skin saviour, Neutrogena may just have the answer to your skincare prayers. Introducing the Light Therapy Targeted Acne Spot Treatment, the tool we didn't realise we were missing until now.
The new handy pen, which costs £29.99, is a compact and convenient device that you can use just as readily in a bustling train carriage as you can in the privacy of your bedroom while watching The Crown. The nifty gadget starts to kill bacteria and reduce inflammation directly on blemishes, using clinically proven light technology, so your skin looks significantly clearer.
Following on from the success of Neutrogena's breakthrough Light Therapy Acne Mask (the sci-fi-looking headgear all your savviest beauty-obsessed friends were Instagramming), the brand launches its latest innovation – and it's even more fuss-free than the mask. Recognising that one of the biggest problems for those who suffer from breakouts is that angry spots often rear their ugly head at the most awkward, unwelcome times, Neutrogena found a way of offering quick and easy, yet effective, blemish control so that we can all feel our best.
But how does it actually work, I hear you ask. Well, Neutrogena’s new light therapy device is designed to help tackle mild to moderate inflammatory breakouts by delivering a targeted dose of red and blue light to treat each blemish at the source. The blue light attacks acne-causing bacteria while the red light brings down redness and swelling. Rebecca Bennett, J&J skincare expert explains: “We’ve all had those moments where we have prepped and planned for key occasions only to have our time to shine dampened by the arrival of a spot. With our new Light Therapy Targeted Acne Spot Treatment, you have access to our clinically proven technology in your bag for fast action, when you need it most, so spots will never again stand in the way of your spotlight moments.”
At the first sign of a blemish, the temptation to pick or pop is almost impossible to resist, but squeezing pimples can not only cause bacteria to spread but can also lead to scarring and pigmentation. However, ignoring pimples means they can stubbornly stick around for days or weeks. With the new Neutrogena Light Therapy Targeted Acne Spot Treatment, you can start treating the breakout as soon as you feel the twinges of a spot forming under your skin, and can expect to see results in just two days. Simply hold down the Light Therapy Targeted Acne Spot Treatment over the affected area for two minutes, three times a day, for optimum results and your spot will be visibly reduced before you can say "January Detox". At under £30, clear some space on your bathroom shelf for this handy little tool which could help you on the way to a glowing, new complexion for the new year.
The Neutrogena Light Therapy Targeted Acne Spot Treatment will is available at Boots.

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