Girl Suffered Collapsed Lung After Screaming At One Direction Concert

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images
One Direction may not be around any more but, for one fan, they had something of a lasting effect.
In a paper published last week in the Journal of Emergency Medicine, a Dr J. Mack Slaughter from Dallas, Texas, related an interesting incident, thought to be the first of its kind. Three years ago, he dealt with a patient who appeared to have ripped a hole in her lung by screaming at a One Direction concert.
According to the BBC, the girl, who hasn't been named, was finding it hard to breathe while the concert was still going on but "because she was a super fan" she continued to cheer her loudest.
Afterwards, she went to the hospital where doctors found she was breathing more rapidly than would normally be expected and she was making a "crunchy sound" when certain parts of her body were pressed.
It was eventually determined that a tear in the lung had meant air had escaped to three separate places in her chest. Leaking into these three places – behind the lung and chest wall, into the chest cavity and behind the pharynx – is something that, according to Dr. Slaughter, hasn't ever been seen before.
In fact, tearing your lungs at all in this manner is so very rare that Dr. Slaughter could only find two other cases – one of a drill sergeant and one of an opera singer.
Thankfully, the girl recovered.
Whether the girl told her friends what had happened, Dr. Slaughter doesn't know. He said to the BBC: "I never saw her again. I told her she'd be famous and get to go on the Jimmy Fallon show and meet One Direction but she was too embarrassed."

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