This Is The Best Place To Work In The UK And The Internet Can't Believe It

Photo: Nicolas Bloise
Many people move to London to work after they leave university, assuming that the buzz of the big city is non-negotiable for access to the best jobs and networking opportunities. But perhaps they should be taking a leaf out of David Brent's book instead (yes, really).
Because Slough, best known for being home The Office's manager from hell, played by Ricky Gervais, has just been crowned the best place to live and work in the UK – ahead of Manchester, Cambridge, Leeds and Oxford. Curiously, the capital didn't even make the top 25.
Jobs site Glassdoor named the post-industrial commuter town a "prime spot" for jobs, affordable living and worker satisfaction, BBC News reported. The site gave towns and cities a score for various categories, including employment opportunities, cost of living and job satisfaction.
Slough scored a very respectable 4.2 out of 5. According to Glassdoor, employees there enjoy a good quality of life and earn a median yearly salary of £35k. The average house costs £390k – compared with slightly under £500k in London – and there were 26k available jobs being advertised. The Berkshire town, being just outside Greater London, is also close to major transport hubs like Heathrow Airport.
Its reputation being what it is, Slough doesn't particularly captivate the public's imagination. Indeed, in the interwar years it was used as a dump for surplus war materials and a 1937 poem by former poet laureate Sir John Betjeman called on "friendly bombs" to "fall on Slough".
So, as you can imagine, people have been deploying gifs of David Brent – the town's biggest claim to fame – pretty hard upon hearing the news.
But we won't lie – a lot of people were sceptical about Slough's supposed charms.

Top 25 best places in the UK to live and work

1. Slough
2. Manchester
3. Cambridge
4. Swindon
5. Stoke-on-Trent
6. Reading
7. Leeds
8. Milton Keynes
9. Bolton
10. Oxford
11. Coventry
12. Derby
13. Nottingham
14. Birmingham
15. Ipswich
16. Belfast
17. Southampton
18. Aberdeen
19. Luton
20. Dundee
21. Newcastle Upon Tyne
22. Bristol
23. Blackpool
24. Hull
25. Peterborough

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