Chinese Restaurant Offers Discounts Based On Women's Bra Sizes

A Chinese restaurant has provoked outrage after it offered discounts to women based on their bra size. Locals complained about the sexist advert for the restaurant Trendy Shrimp, which showed a line-up of cartoon women with various bra sizes in their underwear.
The restaurant, located in a mall in Hangzhou in eastern China, accompanied the crude poster with the slogan "The whole city is looking for BREASTS", and made clear that women with bigger breasts would be eligible for a better discount, BBC News reported. Women with A-cup sized bras would qualify for 5% off, while those with G-cup bras would get a 65% price cut.
Residents complained to the council about the poster, which went up on 1st August and has since been removed, reported local paper the Qianjiang Evening Post. They quite rightly described it as "vulgar advertising" and "discriminatory towards women".
Despite having removed the advert, the restaurant's general manager Lan Shenggang failed to apologise and defended the eatery's offensive offer, insisting that it was well received by customers. He said "customer numbers rose by about 20%" once the deal started, adding that "some of the girls we met were very proud – they had nothing to hide," reported the BBC.
Other Chinese restaurants have also come under fire in recent years for offering discriminatory discounts based on appearance. Back in 2015, a restaurant in Chongqing offered discounts for thin women and overweight men, while another in Henan drew worldwide attention for offering free food to people it deemed good-looking.
A café in Australia also caused controversy earlier this week for introducing a voluntary 18% "gender pay gap" tax on its male customers. Handsome Her, in Melbourne, sought to raise awareness of wage inequality but not everyone was on board.

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