Lush Just Won 2017 With A Fidget Spinner-Shaped Bubble Bar

Fidget spinners and luxurious bath products are both intended to promote stress release, but they go about it in very different ways. Though scientifically unproven and fuelled only by ambitious marketing claims, the fidget spinner serves the purpose of relieving nervous energy for those generally unable to sit still; bath accessories, on the other hand, simply help you to relax and unwind, ideally submerged in colourful swirls or surrounded by mountains of bubbles. Perhaps most importantly, they both make for equally mesmerising Boomerangs.
But why choose between the two most social media-friendly methods of escaping your inner anxieties when you don’t have to? The mad scientists at the Lush Kitchen, which cooks up small batches of exclusive Lush products, invented something that combines the fidget spinner fad with the bath products the beloved brand is known for. The reusable Bubble Spinner looks like a fidget spinner and acts like a bubble bath — and now that it exists, it’s safe to say we have officially reached peak 2017.
Fragranced with a blend of citrus essential oils, the scent of the Bubble Spinner encourages both increased focus and a sense of well-being, and it actually lives up to the “spinner” half of its name: A wooden peg in the middle means that you can spin the thing to your heart’s desire, or even hold it under your running bath water and watch it spin on its own. Then, once your tub has reached bubble-filled capacity, you can set it aside to dry and use it over and over again.
Unfortunately, the ingenious new product is a hell of a lot harder to get your hands on than, say, the plastic spinners you can find for under £3 at toy stores nationwide. The initial limited-edition batch sold out almost immediately on Lush’s website, but the brand has proven in the past that listening to fans’ feedback is part of the Lush DNA. “We can't ignore the love it's been getting so the Bubbles room might be fidgeting around with more soon…” it teased on Instagram.
W've got our fidgeting fingers crossed that we'll soon be able to get our hands on the ultimate 2017 bath product.
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