You Have To See This Sheet Mask-Making Machine In Action

With naturally derived, good-for-you beauty products dominating the market these days, our expectations for skin care are higher than ever. We don’t necessarily need to be able to pronounce our antioxidant-rich plant oils (if you thought “jojoba” was a weird word, then try saying Simmondsia chinesis three times fast), but we do want to know what the hell they’re doing in our serums. Even better than understanding why something is in your skin care is putting it in there yourself — and that’s where this DIY sheet-mask maker comes in.
If you like making your own juices and smoothies at home to put in Mason jars and make your coworkers feel guilty about their breakfast choices without saying a word, then the EgoEra Face Mask Machine is for you. A video from INSIDER Beauty featuring the machine in action went viral recently, with over 9 million viewers eager to watch the robot turn fruits and vegetables into gelatinous sheet masks.
The product page for the EgoEra claims that you can use any liquid you so desire — be it fresh-squeezed orange juice, red wine (antioxidants!), or, confusingly, egg whites — to make your own face mask in just five minutes. All you have to do is add water, your liquid of choice, and one of the included collagen capsules, and it’ll do the rest for you.
Despite the promising video and the (slightly suspicious) number of glowing Amazon reviews, the machine has been met with a healthy dose of skepticism, mainly along the lines of wondering whether or not it’s legit. But you’re out of luck if you were willing to risk it all to find out firsthand: The sheet-mask maker is listed as “currently unavailable” on Amazon, with the ominous confession, “We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock.”
That said, a Google search for “fruit facial mask maker” will turn up a few results that are still shoppable, including a TMart model for just £47.08. We can't guarantee it won't be a huge waste of money, but there's only one way to find out.
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