Angry Mother Calls Out Commuters Who Forced Her To Stand While Breastfeeding

Being forced to stand on public transport is annoying at the best of times, but when you're travelling with a baby or young children, or while pregnant, it can be downright intolerable. Selfish idiots will do all they can to avoid making space for someone in need, whether that's by avoiding eye contact, manspreading or simply refusing to move their luggage.
Well, one woman has had enough. Bryony Esther, from Leigh-on-Sea in Essex, took to Facebook to call out a group of commuters who failed to let her sit down to breastfeed her baby on a busy c2c train, The Sun reported.
"Having to stand on a train whilst breastfeeding my baby thanks to the lovely bunch of charmers giving more priority to their suitcases and rolling joints!! It stinks," wrote Esther, who has three children and was also travelling with her 5-year-old daughter at the time, in the furious post.
"Plus the cyclist with a fancy bike that keeps rolling into me, sat in the disabled seat. Please share cos I'd love it if their mothers, girlfriends and wives get to see how they behave," she continued.
The post has been shared more than 25,000 times and garnered nearly 7,000 reactions on Facebook at the time of writing. Many others, furious on Esther's behalf, directed a string of comments at the "selfish" travellers.
Meanwhile, others said they'd had similar experiences on public transport.
In a comment below her post, Esther said the passengers "1000% knew" she needed a seat because she'd asked to sit where their suitcase was and was completely ignored. "The suitcase was being used as a surface to roll their joints. Then they stared at me for ages!! Disgusting excuses for human beings," she added.
A spokesperson for the train company c2c said it was aware of Esther's Facebook post, the Evening Standard reported. “We welcome breastfeeding on all c2c trains and would hope our customers would be considerate to their fellow travellers and give up their seat when requested.
“Unfortunately this does not appear to have happened on this occasion, and we are sorry for any inconvenience this caused." It remains to be seen whether or not c2c will make more effort to enforce its position in future.

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