This Mum Gets So Real When She Describes Her “Broken Vagina” After Childbirth

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Depending on who you ask, women will describe their childbirth experiences in a number of ways, but rarely do you get this level of honesty. Australian blogger, Zoe George is a mother of two and has a blog called The Subtle Mummy. In a recent blog post, George describes her personal experience with having children.
"This is a candid, telling of events that transpired the night of March 14th leading into March 15th, which resulted in the birth of my first child and the 'broken vagina,'" George wrote.
She goes on to describe how she first attempted a natural birth, recalling how she met a woman the weekend prior who suggested she count through her contractions. "'Breathe in for six seconds and out for ten seconds. It keeps your mind busy and off the pain,' she told me." Ultimately, this method would only work for the first eight hours before as George describes it, " made me so angry I almost punched a midwife for chewing her gum mid-contraction. BRING ON THE EPIDURAL!!"
The description of her first experience in labor gets progressively more graphic as she describes the toll it took on her body. Stitches, struggling to use the toilet, and learning the hard way that "Squatting over a hand mirror to check it out is NOT a good idea! ABORT MISSION, ABORT MISSION!!!" She likened her post-baby vagina as looking like "a hamburger, more like a Whopper, would be putting it nicely."
Leaving no experience undescribed, the new mum shared that fully recovering from childbirth took a lot longer than she anticipated. After several trips to the gynaecologist, Zoe George discovered that she had scar tissues as a result of her stitches. Over time, the scar tissue became more bearable as she and her husband tried for their second child.

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After months of physical therapy, the now mother-of-two gave birth to her second child calling the experience the second time as "amazing, so gentle and beautiful."

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