Jeremy Corbyn Attacks Sexism, Racism & Homophobia In Stirring Glastonbury Speech

Glastonbury 2017 has already given us awesome performances from Lorde, Dua Lipa, Radiohead, Charli XCX, and more. Meanwhile, Cara Delevingne, Adwoa Aboah, and Alexa Chung are bossing it when it comes to festival fashion. But they all have an unlikely rival for Glasto's biggest hero: Jeremy Corbyn.
Before he even drove down to Somerset, the Labour leader's presence was being felt at Worthy Farm. Spontaneous chants of "Oh Jeremy Corbyn!" broke out in the entrance queue, at a silent disco, and even during Radiohead's Friday-night headline set. The Times journalist Caitlin Moran suggested on Thursday that "Corbynmania" was already sweeping the festival.
This afternoon, Corbyn made his eagerly anticipated appearance on the Pyramid Stage. At 4pm, he drew a huge crowd to hear a 14-minute speech in which he attacked prejudice and called for greater equality within our society.
"Racism is wrong, divisive, and evil within our society," he told the crowd. "Racism in any form divides, weakens, and denies us the skills and brilliance of people who are being discriminated against – in just the same way that sexism does, be it in lower pay for women, less opportunities for women, or less aspirations. We need to challenge sexism within any form in our society."
Corbyn continued: "And we need to challenge homophobia, to challenge all the discrimination that goes on – and to ensure that the society we want to build is one that is inclusive for all."
During his speech, he also urged society to do more to tackle global warming, and sent a very unambiguous message to Donald Trump. "If you can see that far, look on the wall, right over there, that surrounds this wonderful festival," Corbyn told the crowd. "There's a message on that wall, for President Donald Trump. And you know what it says? Build bridges, not walls."
Corbyn then ended his speech with a rousing statement of hope: "Let us be together and recognise another world is possible, if we come together to understand the power we've got and achieve a decent, better society where everybody matters."
Watch Corbyn's stirring speech in full below.

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