Wife Swap Is Returning To Channel 4 (For A Brexit Special)

Photo: Richard Ansett/Dave King Courtesy of Channel 4
Remember Wife Swap? The concept was simple: make the matriarchs of two very different families trade places for a week and let chaos ensue. Most of the time, viewers could expect temper tantrums from the kids and fiery flare-ups between the new spouses.
Well, would you believe it – the legendary reality show is returning for the first time in eight years with a one-off Brexit special on Thursday 15th June, the Radio Times reported.
The hour-long episode features two couples from each side of the Brexit debate, with vastly different views on immigration, class and racism.
In the Remain camp is Kat Boettge, a Green Party councillor with dual nationality who lives in rural Nottinghamshire with her partner Roger and daughter Sophie, 17. She will swap lives with Pauline, a Ukip campaigner who lives with her husband Andy and daughter Katie, 14, on Canvey Island, the area with the third highest Leave vote in the country.
Photo: Richard Ansett/Dave King Courtesy of Chanel 4
Wife Swap, which first aired in 2003, ran for six seasons and was exported overseas. The US version, in particular, was a corker.
Emily Jones, a commissioning editor at Channel 4, said: "Wife Swap was largely about how people chose to run their homes, but it always had political undertones," reported the BBC. "Now the world has changed and recent events have brought political issues into the heart of every household."
If you're close to anyone who voted differently from you in the EU referendum, you'll probably be able to relate to the familial drama the topic can cause. We've had our fair share of angry dinner-table debates on the benefits and drawbacks of the single market.
Whichever way you voted, though, the show looks set to be gripping viewing. *Sets phone reminder.*
Wife Swap: Brexit Special airs on Thursday 15th June at 9pm.

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