The Cutest Dogs Outside Polling Stations

Aside from exercising our democratic right to choose who represents us in government and runs the country, the best thing about a general election is undoubtedly cooing over #DogsAtPollingStations.
Because only guide dogs are allowed inside polling stations, voters' four-legged friends must wait patiently outside, which explains the deluge of photos of dogs posing by polling station signs on social media during recent elections.
The Dog's Trust is even trying to encourage polling stations to become "Paw-ing Stations" by considering the dogs' wellbeing as they wait patiently outside, and Twitter itself has fully got behind the craze this year by making the hashtag its very own dog emoji.
You may be experiencing election fatigue, but we're pretty confident you won't tire of scrolling through this most adorable of hashtags.
The more political pooches even showed support for their favourite pawties. Some got dressed up in their fanciest garb or accessorised with red to back Labour.
Others got up close and frighteningly personal with Tory candidates, like the disgraced Zac Goldsmith.
Some were even more dedicated and seemed to be wearing official party merch.
Others showed their backing for remain (and possibly the pro-EU Lib Dems), by adorning themselves with the EU flag.
Sadly, not all dogs got to experience their moment in the social media limelight, though, as their overly organised owners voted by post instead.
This election, other species are even getting in on the act, too.

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