First Dates Has Just Produced Its First Baby

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Listening to the story of how our parents first met can sometimes be comforting, but usually it’s pretty cringeworthy. But at least we don't have any photographic evidence of the moment they first laid eyes on each other – that could lead to some even more saccharine anecdotes.
So spare a thought for baby Aziza, the first child to be born as a result of the Channel 4 reality show First Dates. The little girl, born on 22nd April, won’t be able to avoid watching the moment her parents first clapped eyes on each other and will no doubt be subjected to the tale of their whirlwind romance.
Aarron Stewart, 32, and Ibiba Mudada, 28, met on the show in June 2016 and Mudada became unexpectedly pregnant just seven weeks after their first encounter, the Mail On Sunday reported.
By the time the show aired on the 31st October, baby Aziza, whose name means “precious”, was already on the way. The couple, who both have children from previous relationships, admitted things had developed quickly, but said that was to be expected of a modern relationship.
“It’s true that our meeting and the speed with which we’ve started a family is certainly far from traditional,” Mudada, a care worker, told the Mail On Sunday. “And it is hardly ideal to do everything so fast. But that is the nature of modern Britain. Things move at a much faster pace these days.”
She added: “Very few people are lucky enough, as we are, to be able to sit down and watch over and over the very first second we set eyes on each other. We both genuinely believe it was practically love at first sight.
“When we are pensioners I want to be able to remember that first moment and recall the way my heart skipped a beat the instant I saw Aarron.”
Stewart added that while "Aziza is the most important thing" in the couple's world right now, they've already set their sights on their next relationship milestones. "Convention and tradition are both very important to us so buying a home and getting married will be our next goals."
The pair had an instant spark on their date, realising they lived just two minutes away from each other in Bristol and that their parents had worked together as social workers for a decade.
While Stewart originally said he was reluctant to have any more children, he said the couple will now move in together and live as a family.
Mudada said they've been "inundated with letters and emails from wellwishers" since the birth. "Just last Sunday, when we took Aziza out for some fresh air, a lady rushed over and hugged us. She told us our story was truly inspirational, saying: 'You two have restored my faith in love'."
She added: "Never in a million years would either of us have believed we would fall in love at first sight. And certainly not on national television. I certainly didn’t think it was possible. But it happened to us."
We bet the show’s producers are feeling pretty pleased with themselves.

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