This Instagram Is A Perfect Reminder That Every Body Is A Beach Body

We're coming up on summer, which means we'll be hearing a lot about "beach bodies" and "bikini season" soon. So, now would probably be a good time to remind everyone that every body is suited for the beach, and all you need to do to get a bikini body is to put on a bikini. Thankfully, Megan Jayne Crabbe AKA Instagrammer @bodyposipanda, has issued a timely body-positive beach PSA, Hello Giggles reports.
"There are SO many beautifully different bodies on this beach, and I’m just like YES BABE WEAR THAT BIKINI DRINK THAT COCKTAIL FROLIC IN THE SAND LIKE THE ROYALTY YOU ARE," she wrote. "All of our bodies belong at the beach. If anyone can’t accept that, they can be quiet."
The caption accompanies a photo with an equally true and uplifting message: "Just a little reminder with summer around the corner: people of all shapes and sizes belong on the beach. They all belong there, enjoying the sun and playing in the waves, and they all deserve to feel comfortable and safe. So please, don't stare at or make comments about those whose appearance is a bit different than what you're used to."
Since she's put these words into a handy photo, you can share it on social media to remind your followers that body-shaming is never OK, at the beach or anywhere. This can be a triggering time of year for people with body image issues, and things like talking about your beach-body diet or workout and complaining about how you look in a bathing suit can make it harder. We could all be more body-positive this summer by showing up on the beach just as we are in whatever outfit makes us feel comfortable — no weight loss necessary — and encouraging our friends to do the same.

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