This Political Statement Necklace Is Selling Out Fast

Photo: Via FucktheTories Online Store
Forget placards, pussy hats and slogan tees – there's a new way to show your political leanings, and many people are making it their accessory of choice in the run-up to the UK general election. Designer Libby Freeman created this ‘Fuck The Tories’ necklace and has been taken aback by the influx of orders she’s had in the last 24 hours alone.
"You hate the Tories. You hated David Cameron and now you actually hate Theresa May even more," reads the product description. "You didn't think it was possible. Now there's a general election. Could things get any worse? Probably. Show everyone you're angry with this delicate feminine necklace."
Freeman has received 310 orders since putting up a Facebook post at 1pm yesterday, she told HuffPost UK. “I didn’t expect it to be quite as popular. But I suppose that just says it all about how strongly so many people loathe the Tories.”
All profits from sales of the necklace, which costs £24.99, made before the election on the 8th June will go to Calais Action, a charity founded by Freeman, which provides aid and raises awareness of the refugee crisis.
“It was really important the profits went to charity. Refugee charities are seeing large drops in funds due to media interest wavering," she told HuffPost UK.
The recent spike in demand has forced Freeman to change supplier, so she's unsure how much she's raised from the necklace so far. "But it’ll be about £4,000 to £5,000, at a guess,” she said, adding that she hasn't taken her own chain off in the last year.
“After the total mess of everything that happened in 2016 and which is ongoing in 2017, it’s comforting to always have it on me."
The necklace has proven so popular that there's now a waiting list and necklaces will take a few weeks to arrive. Place your orders now.

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