This Ace Body Positive Instagram Illustrator Is Everything You Need Today

As the weather heats up and wearing jumpers becomes less and less of a thing, it's easy to start worrying about what it is that you've been covering up all winter.
Of course, what you've been covering up is your body. Your excellent, beautiful body, which you should show off precisely as you fancy, without fear of judgement.
Easier said than done, right? Of course it is, because some people out there have seen fit to label what are perfectly normal body parts as "flaws".

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For starters, they're wrong. The only flaw is in those peoples' way of thinking.
If you do need a bit of reassurance, you almost certainly already turn to the incredible body positive community on Instagram. From #bopo to #embracethesquish, #disabledandcute and #selflove, people are taking to social media to share their body confidence.

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There's also a growing number of body positive illustrators who are sharing their artwork on Instagram. Our fave? @pink_bits, who uses her work to showcase "the bits and shapes we're told to hide."

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In her pictures, pink_bits' women flaunt everything from scars to body hair, they eat what they want, they masturbate – one even has a fluffy bunny tail butt plug because #Easter.
Pink_bits' women are all races and all sizes; some are missing limbs, some are in wheelchairs, some have had mastectomies, some have their periods, some have penises.
In short, pink_bits' women are proud, beautiful and unashamed. And we love them for it.
"I illustrate the ladies of Pink Bits as I believe representation, and the representation of diversity is so important." She told us. "There is more than one type of body out there, and I think it’s important we celebrate them all!"
She continued, "The response I’ve had has been wonderful, exciting, but mostly touching. I’ve had many messages from people opening their hearts to me and letting me know how much my illustrations have positively impacted them and what it means to them to be represented. It really makes my illustrations worthwhile."
There are plenty of other body positive Instagram illustration accounts out there. From @hollieannhart to @tylerfeder, to @taraobrienillustration, the community is growing all the time. Dive on in and see what inspiration you can find.

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