Is This Classic Ingredient The Key To Your Best Skin Ever?

There’s a very high chance that your beauty routine has become a little more sophisticated in the past year or so. From hyaluronic acid to AHAs, it seems we’ve all pimped our products with a high-tech composition or two. But could it be, in the midst of all these science-led solutions, that we’ve neglected one of nature’s most powerful complexion saviours?
We’re calling it, this year marks the return of the rose. “Rose is a perfect all-rounder for every skin type. It’s a hydrating and soothing ingredient, which appeals to our olfactory sense and blends beautifully with other oils as a booster for the skin” explains Amanda Bell, Global Makeup Artist for Pixi.
Used for millennia, it’s thought that the Ancient Egyptians would boil rose petals into a healing balm – it seems that this flower can offer so much more to a skincare product than its famously romantic scent, and today there is a formulation for every complexion concern.
Rose essential oil is perhaps the most well-known and luxurious derivative, and is generally distilled using steam from two types of flowers. The Damask rose is rich and heady, hailing from Bulgaria and Turkey, while the cabbage rose is the lighter, sweeter species, more lovingly referred to as the Moroccan rose. “It takes 7716 pounds of roses to create just 2.2 pounds of rose oil” explain Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg, founders of skincare brand Fresh, which explains the luxurious price point. Both possess impressive anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, meaning they’re ideal for treating rosacea and irritation.
Next up is rosewater, a bi-product of the oil distillation process which is prized for its skin-calming powers. “Rosewater is beneficial for all skin types and has been used since antiquity for its balancing, cooling and astringent properties.” explain Glazman and Roytberg. Look for rosewater in a toner, or in a facial mist to impact a dewy glow over makeup throughout the day.
Finally, if you like your products to pack a little more punch, rosehip is the one for you. This is the essential oil distilled from the fruit that is left behind after the rose has bloomed. It’s a source of endless fatty acids and vitamins including Vitamin A, which you may know as retinol. Combining this with a serious dose of Vitamin C (more than a week’s worth of oranges) it’ll work on pigmentation and fine lines simultaneously. When investing in a rosehip product look for brands that use a cold-pressing process, because, just like in your morning juice, this keeps all those hard-working nutrients alive.
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