The Funniest Responses To The Daily Mail's Ridiculous Front Page

If you don't laugh, you'll cry. So we've decided to just laugh about the Daily Mail's absurd and sexist front page featuring Theresa May and Nicola Sturgeon alongside the headline: "Never mind Brexit, who won Legs-it!"
Even the Daily Mail's response to the outcry was farcical beyond belief. The first time we read it, we couldn't quite believe it was real. A spokesman for the paper charmingly told critics to "get a life!" and suggested they were being "po-faced".
It said the "light-hearted" piece, written by Sarah Vine, was "a side-bar alongside a serious political story", and that the paper "often comment[s] on the appearance of male politicians including Cameron’s waistline, Osborne’s hair, Corbyn’s clothes – and even Boris’s legs".
“Is there a rule that says political coverage must be dull or has a po-faced BBC and left-wing commentariat, so obsessed by the Daily Mail, lost all sense of humour... and proportion?,” asked the spokesman.
Judging by the number of sidesplittingly hilarious – and smart – responses to the front page on social media, we reckon most people's sense of humour is very much intact.
Others posted photos of their own legs, inviting the Mail to rate them, using the #legsit hashtag.
The Wikipedia page of the newspaper's editor, Paul Dacre, was even edited in response to the headline, with him being described as “an English Caveman editing British hate promoting paper the Daily Mail”.

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