The Best Face Masks For When You Can't Afford A Facial

The popularity of the humble face mask has grown significantly of late. According to Google's internal data research for 2014-2016, they're the second most-searched-for bathroom buddy (just behind bath bombs) and show no sign of peaking.
Modern-day masks come in all forms – sheets, powders, slime, heated formulas – and we apply them to targeted areas: antioxidants for the T-zone, super-gentle for under-eyes... the list goes on. There's been an increase in more tech-savvy at-home beauty recently, too; we're turning away from expensive spas and looking at the most fun, experimental and effective treatments we can give ourselves – right in the comfort of our rented flats.
A face mask is more than a skin saviour, though. It's time to relax, it's wine and your favourite TV show, it's unwinding after a super-stressful day with Barb from Accounts, it's prepping for that big night out with your pals. So prep your skin, get out your application brush, and flick through our pick of the best face masks out there.

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