The Funniest Reactions To News That George Osborne Will Edit The Evening Standard

In very curious news, it was announced today that George Osborne, current MP for Tatton and former Chancellor of the Exchequer, will be the new editor of the Evening Standard newspaper, the free London daily with a circulation of 850,000. Due to take on the role in May, when current editor Sarah Sands will step down, the news has been met with a mixture of shock, hilarity and anger. Many have pointed out that having a Tory MP at a newspaper's helm (Osborne has already stated that he doesn't plan to step down as MP) is a significant conflict of interest. Then there's the small question of being qualified for the job (his unsuccessful attempt to have a journalism career is well-documented).
While people in the industry reel at the new hire, we have collated some of the funniest responses to the surprise announcement.
The former Labour leader seemed to think it was pretty funny.
I mean, they still haven't announced the successor to Alexandra Shulman.
Journalists will be thrilled with being ruled over by someone with no editing experience, right?
And you thought the new Bake Off presenters were going to be the oddest new hires of the week.
Thousands of wannabe journalists with NCTJ qualifications weep into their notepads.
Fun fact: the Evening Standard is in the same building as the Daily Mail.
Newspapers' revenue has been in steep decline for many years now.
And we'll just leave you with this.

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