This Ballet Team Performs Synchronised Swimming About Periods

Say hello, if you will, to The Clams. A feminist book club-turned-water ballet team (sure) who are gearing up to showcase their new routine, which is totally devoted to the wonder that is menstruation.
Crimson Tide: A Period Piece will be performed on 18th March in Melbourne (boo) and according to Metro, has been choreographed to represent the menstrual cycle, complete with a soundtrack from DJ Whiskey Houston, split into the four different stages of the cycle. Props set to be used include a giant piece of red fabric and, of course, pool floats in the shape of tampons.
The performance isn't just for fun and games, though – although fun and games is certainly on the cards – no, all proceeds are going to a very worthy cause. Share the Dignity is an Australian non-profit that works to make sure that homeless and vulnerable women around Australia have access to sanitary products, and The Clams will be donating all the $15 entry fees to them.
As well as raising money for Share the Dignity, The Clams are hoping to break down taboos about periods that, sadly, still exist. "Normalising periods is a huge part of [it]," Francis van Beek, the woman behind The Clams told "I hope it will help create conversation and reduce the stigma of openly discussing menstruation. It's also a great show of body positivity – with ladies of all shapes and sizes on the team." In fact, she continues, two of the women are pregnant, with one on the verge of giving birth!
The positive message continues on their Instagram (which is well worth a follow btw). "Being free to flop about and give zero Clams and be generally Clamourous, THAT is a privilege," they say on one post. "Access to sanitary items is not. It's a dead set right. It's disgusting that so many women are ignored and fall between the cracks. We support @sharethedignityaustralia who make sure NO woman is left without this basic human right. TAMPONS FOR ALL!"
Clams for president.

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