Hold Up! Here Are The Best Beauty Products For Psoriasis

Finding the makeup and skincare products that work for you is hard enough but it becomes even more difficult when psoriasis is involved. The autoimmune condition, which affects 2% of people in the UK, varies from individual to individual, and can change with diet, stress levels, and weather.
Generally, the things to avoid putting on your skin include products with parabens, sulphates, and mineral oils – basically, anything that might make already sore and itchy skin even worse. Sometimes, going full-force with chemicals can really help – steroids or topical retinoid can clear up red and patchy sensitive skin.
If you suffer from psoriasis, choosing the makeup and skincare for you is a long journey – it’s a chronic disease that sees periods of calm before bouts of flare-ups, so what works one week might be unsuitable the next.
We spoke to Holly Dillon of Get Your Skin Out, a campaign that aims to raise awareness around the condition through open dialogue, events, and story-sharing, and now we’ve rounded up our favourite products to try if your skin just isn't cooperating.
Remember: psoriasis is a medical condition, currently without a known cure, that affects people differently, so there can never be one definitive product that is beneficial for everyone.

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