This Video Of A Woman Confronting Her Cheating Ex Is The Saddest Thing You'll See All Day

If you're feeling in any way fragile or emotionally unstable right now, look away.

There's a heartbreaking video going viral that's bound to make you feel even bluer and more despairing – particularly if you've ever been cheated on.

You have been warned.

It shows a woman, Kourtney Jorge, confronting her ex-boyfriend, Leonard Long III, who cheated on her multiple times – and plenty of tears, at least on her part.
In the clip, titled Why They Cheated: Two Exes Confront Each Other About Infidelity, for video website The Scene, the pair sit on stools opposite each other and chat for a painful six minutes and 44 seconds.

Part of what makes it so sad is the anger-inducing way in which Long shows zero remorse for his actions.

When asked how many women he slept with during their year-long relationship, he says he can't even put a number on it. Not only that, but he has the nerve to ask Jorge why she stayed with him, to which she replies: “Because you were my best friend.”

Just. Too. Much.

In one particularly harrowing anecdote, Jorge recalls how she found him in his room with another girl and he told her to leave. Just take a moment – and breathe – to let that sink in.

The video blew up on Twitter almost immediately when it was shared yesterday, garnering hundreds of thousands of likes and retweets, and Jorge promptly became referred to all over the internet as #HurtBae, which is still trending worldwide.

Here are some of the best #HurtBae reactions we've seen. We're too busy dabbing our tears to come up with our own.
Jorge took to Instagram to thank everyone for their support and warned against donating to a fake PayPal account that is taking donations in her name.
Happily, she said she's "definitely in a much better place now". Stay strong #HurtBae, we love you.

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