Beauty Lessons We Learned From Our Mothers

Of all the wisdom Mum imparted, the importance of a good eye cream or a tried-and-true technique for applying red lippy without looking like you've been gnawing on cherries probably aren't the most important lessons. They are, however, the ones you no doubt turn to on a daily basis — like when it's 3am and you're tempted to crawl into bed with a face (gasp) still coated in slap. Your mama didn't raise no fool. Get right back in that loo and run the tap, young lady.

Of course, not every mother lives by the same beauty rules. Some are no-frills, happy to get by with a comb and some Vaseline. Others live at the beauty counter, splurging on facials, pots of luxury face cream, and Tom Ford lipsticks. But whatever their M.O., they're certain to have influenced how their daughters approach beauty, both the kind that comes in a fancy metallic tube and the kind that is nurtured from within.

Here, seven London-based women share the beauty advice and self-confidence tips they've received from their own mums. Here's to the ladies who built us up, shut our bad beauty habits down, and taught us the value of a good grooming indulgence — whether that's bathing in Chanel No. 5, or buying Imperial Leather in bulk.

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