This Part Of Your Body Might Be Dirtier Than You Think

Photographed by Tayler Smith.
We often preach the first beauty commandment, Thou Shalt Not Go To Bed Wearing Makeup. But have we been placing too much importance on our faces, while overlooking the biggest bacteria-harbouring body part of all — the belly button? According to Teen Vogue, maybe. Sure, everyone has neglected the area at one point or another. And perhaps a build-up of lint is normal. But it turns out these body holes are huge breeding grounds for yeast and gunk if not properly cleansed. Teen Vogue asked dermatologist Susan Bard, M.D., about this surprising revelation. Apparently, leaving these small passageways untouched can potentially lead to an offensive smell or — worse — an infection. How dare we not take care of our innies and outies? Well, the madness stops here. Consider our priorities changed. You better believe all those Q-tips we don’t use on our ears — sorry, but it's really hard to remember — will be dedicated to swabbing our belly buttons daily.

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