J.K. Rowling’s Fierce Warning About Donald Trump

Theresa May will meet Donald Trump for the first time tomorrow and according to reports, she looks set to give him a pretty easy ride. The prime minister will apparently lay out a plan to renew the so-called special relationship between the UK and the US, the BBC reported. But, unsurprisingly, not everyone is keen on the idea of sucking up to Trump. J.K. Rowling, never one to shy away from expressing her progressive views online, gave May a stark warning, tweeting "History's watching, Theresa".
The Harry Potter author has long been critical of Trump, having tweeted her opposition during his campaign and numerous times since he was elected. She's not exactly May's biggest fan either.
May has repeatedly dodged the question of whether she will be critical of Trump on subjects such as women's issues, immigration and torture. All she has said on the role of women is "I will be there", to which Rowling had a cutting reply. "Yes, Trump's about to meet an affluent white woman begging him for a trade deal. He'll be reading 'Feminism is For Everybody' by teatime," she tweeted.
In the meeting, May will say the UK and the US can “rediscover our confidence together” and “lead together again” following Brexit and Trump's election. She will be the first foreign leader to speak face-to-face with the new president in the White House. May will even present the Trumps with gifts symbolising friendship: an engraved quaich, a Scottish artefact, and a food hamper for Melania. Wonder if May will be given a generous trade deal in return?

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