Watch The Most Beautiful Moment Of The Women’s March

There was no shortage of inspirational messages and moments to come out of Saturday's worldwide Women's Marches for hope, change and women's rights, and you'll want to take a few minutes to watch another one. A powerful video of a song performed by a group of women at the march in Washington DC has become a viral sensation, so far attracting more than 13 million views on Facebook alone. The video, posted by film and commercial director Alma Harel, shows a small group of women singing a song called "I Can't Keep Quiet". The lyrics of the chorus are: "I can't keep quiet, no... A one woman riot." In the comments section, viewers posted how moved they were by the video and some said the song reflected the spirit and positive message of the march. "This was what I experienced mostly at the March on Saturday....soul much more then just Big was about supporting Women Rights," wrote Tony Milano. Other people suggested the song would be a good one for choirs elsewhere to take on. The song was written by MILCK, a singer from LA, who based it on her experience as a survivor of sexual assault and described it as a "song of empowerment".
MILCK said she thought the song's message could apply to the Women's March. "With the political climate of what's going on in our world, I think that people will really benefit from practising turning pain into something beautiful," she told BBC Newsbeat. "I'm hoping that my art will always encourage that and make people feel less alone." She had the idea in December and started to get in touch with other people going to the DC Women's March, many of whom lived in different cities. MILCK arranged the song for a choir and sent recordings to the singers so they could practise individually. They practised online via Skype and the group only met once before the march, with some even meeting for the first time on the day. The 26-strong group, now calling themselves the #icantkeepquiet choir, prepared a series of guerrilla flashmob performances around Washington DC during the march. MILCK said it has been "non-stop craziness" since the video went viral, telling the BBC she's been overwhelmed by the number of messages she's received: "From people who want to do interviews, to people who want to share their stories, music fans – I'm getting messages to get the sheet music."
She said it was "really exciting" that "something new is being born and it's way bigger than me... it's people wanting to use this song to unite with their choir friends to make it their own." Watch the video for yourself and get inspired. How could you not be?

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