This Airline Is Offering One Strange In-Flight Perk

Photo: Getty Images.
When most people talk about “in-flight essentials,” they’re usually referring to the basics. You know, like a bottle of water, a pair of noise-cancelling headphones, a good book, and an anti-anxiety pill or two. But when beauty editors talk in-flight essentials, we mean as many balms, lotions, creams, serums, face mists, and sheet masks we can stuff into our TSA-approved, quart-sized plastic bag. A vigilant approach to moisture is an absolute must, because there’s nothing like an hours-long plane ride to zap the stuff straight out of your skin. Nothing. Apparently, it’s a common enough complaint that one airline took note and responded accordingly. Emirates has witnessed our dull, dehydrated skin anxiety firsthand, and has given us “the world’s first moisturising sleepwear for the skies.” Can’t say we saw that one coming. According to the Telegraph, the pyjamas promise to keep skin hydrated and silky smooth by gradually releasing “nutrient-rich sea kelp” as you move, which is said to improve circulation and prevent dehydration. The beautifying PJs pair perfectly with Emirates’ other offerings, such as “sheepskin-like” blankets, an eye mask, and some dope furry slippers. And the best part? It’s all free — provided you’ve already paid for your First Class ticket, of course. Sadly, seaweed-laden sleepwear is not on offer for those who fly economy.

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