Hillary Clinton’s Poise At The Inauguration Is A Lesson To Us All

Photo: Saul Loeb/Getty Images.
Let's take a moment to appreciate Hillary Clinton's grace today. Throughout the election (and after), she was the target of countless misogynistic attacks. She's had to answer way too many demeaning questions about her personal life. She won the popular vote by 3 million, but still lost the presidency. And yet, we've never seen her lose her composure. This morning, all eyes were on Hillary and Bill as they arrived at Donald Trump's inauguration. She wore suffragette white — which she also wore to accept the Democratic nomination back in July — in the form of a Ralph Lauren pantsuit. Her conduct, from smiling and shaking hands with supporters to clasping her hands in prayer while greeting Michelle Obama, showed an admirable steeliness and resolve. Her attendance at the inauguration, which was announced earlier this month, was somewhat surprising, since she has largely been out of the public eye since November. But it's tradition for former presidents to attend, and Hillary showed that she still believes in the democratic process, despite the tumultuous events of the last few months.
"I'm here today to honour our democracy & its enduring values," she tweeted this morning, shortly after she arrived at the inauguration. "I will never stop believing in our country & its future. #Inauguration." Regardless of your politics, you have to admire Hillary's poise. It's an inspiring reminder of how strong women can be when faced with adversity and disappointment. Next time you feel rejected, angry, or lonely, when you just want to hide under the covers and avoid your problems, remember this moment: the day Hillary Clinton got up, put on a white pantsuit, and was the picture of grace while she watched someone else take the job she's been preparing for her entire life.
This picture pretty much says it all.

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