This Lush Body Wash Is Getting One Woman Really Worked Up

We’ve always thought the person behind those cheeky product names and descriptions for Lush has a fantastic sense of humour. (Not to mention the best job in the world.) From the very suggestively shaped Sex Bomb to the cult favourite (and sadly discontinued) décolletage cream Lovely Jubblies, the punny brand is oft considered the gold standard for aspiring copywriters everywhere. And while grown-ups with a love for kitschy bath products can probably appreciate these captions, it's not the case for Lesley Hughes, a mother of three from Cornwall. In fact, Hughes was positively outraged by the "lewd" label on the Snow Fairy body wash she purchased for her 12-year-old daughter over the holidays, according to reports by the Mirror. The offending instructions, as depicted in a photo from Hughes, suggest, "If you really don’t know how" to use the shower gel, that you should "find someone you really like and invite them into the shower with you to demonstrate." It’s a tongue-in-cheek comment that loosely implies shower sex, sure, but Hughes sees it differently. "It's dangerous," she said of the product description. "People could use it to persuade kids to do things they should not be doing." Not meant for kids, probably. Dangerous? Well, that might be a bit of a stretch. A Lush spokesman responded to the claim in a statement, saying, “While we take our products and their ingredients seriously, we try not to take ourselves too seriously and like to have humour at the heart of everything we do. It is never our intention to offend, but as with all humour not everyone will find the same things funny.” The brand adds, “As far as the mixed age of our customers and readers is concerned, we take the same line as U.K. pantomimes and many children's films – where a laugh can be inserted that adults will understand but will go unnoticed by the young and innocent.” Moving forward, parents may want to make a point of checking products for sexual puns before putting them in their kids’ stockings.

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