Joe Biden Accidentally Reveals His Post-VP Plans In Most Joe Biden Way Possible

Photo: Kevin Wolf/AP/REX/Shutterstock
Joe Biden broke news today in the most Joe Biden way possible: into a hot mic. The Vice President in the past has been famed for profanely praising healthcare reform and now makes headlines for spilling the secret of his post-government plans. Those plans, which do include some time around Washington, D.C., revolve around working with UPenn on the Cancer Moonshot via The Biden Trust.

“The Biden Trust, to continue the cancer work,” he told a Kamala Harris associate after the Senator's swearing-in. He specified that his role would be not “so much about raising money or philanthropy — though there will be some of that — but it’s more about keeping these guys cooperating and changing the culture.”

The Cancer Moonshot is a long-term initiative by Biden to improve cancer treatment and care. The plan is to leverage widespread data collection into aid the development and access to novel treatments. Read more about it here.

Check out a clip of the encounter captured by David Yanofsky of Quartz.

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