You Need To See Beyoncé’s Hairstylist Break Down Her “Formation” Hair

Ever since Beyoncé debuted the video for "Formation," her hair has been a topic of conversation. In the music video, she flaunts a number of hairstyles, from root-to-tip braids to her natural curls. The overall theme was texture, which she also played up during her nationwide tour of the same name. Now, her hairstylist Neal Farinah is explaining the variety of looks created for the show in a video posted on Facebook. He explained that the idea was to introduce variety — which is meant to represent and incorporate all of the women who inspire music — and that no two dancers would have the same hair. They created a range, from impossibly long braids and triplets of buns to platinum pixies, and everything in between. "I love how she incorporated and empowered so [many] women," he said in the video, which has garnered more than a million views on Facebook. "This year, every woman of all hair colour, all hair texture have embraced such an amazing style." It should be noted that Bey's hair has a decorated history and it turns out she's also a stylist of sorts. She once worked in a salon — an experience that turned out to be quite helpful during the process. Farinah said each look was a big collaboration between the two — she would bring him ideas, and together, they brought the style to life. "I love it because I get the opportunity to show more diversity," he says, and we couldn't appreciate that sentiment more.

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